Saturday, September 25, 2010


We're fighting. However hypothetical.
We have to fight. Valiantly. Brilliantly.
Even triumphantly. We must win.
We need to fight. We must idealize.
Fight to speak. Convey. Scream.
Inform the world of who we are. 
Fight now. We mustn't dither.
We have no time for hemming or hawing. 
It would be unjust to postpone the fight.
If we aren't conversing, conveying, screaming,
Then we are false. Lies of omission.
We become hollow. Two faced. Silent.
Every opportunity left underutilized,
Every heartfelt murmur and shout
Becomes a lie. Poison. Falsification.
Tell me.
Fight me.
For the love of God...
Don't be apocryphal.

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